NBU Solar Rebate Program

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Are you ready to go green?! Are you prepared for the renewable energy revolution? Isn’t it time for you to start saving money on that electricity bill? Do yourself a favor and look no further than Solar Alliance. They will help with a smooth transition with New Braunfels Utilities. Solar Alliance will get you the maximum rebate your home allows through the NBU Solar Rebate Program.

New Braunfels Electric offers members savings through utility, state and federal programs. These programs are designed with the customer benefits in mind and are endorsed by the US Department of Energy. The maximum rebate for a residential system is $3,000 and will be applied to the active electrical account as a credit for the address location. The maximum rebate for commercial NBU Solar Rebate Program is $26,000. That is quite a savings and just the beginning. July 31, 2017 is the last day that you are eligible for the rebate with NBU, and time is ticking.

The US Department of Energy states that your Home Value goes up $20 for every $1 reduction in energy bills. That’s amazing! A 20 to 1 increase in value! Meanwhile, solar systems from Solar Alliance usually provide up to 50 percent of your annual energy use and can sometimes reach as high at 70 percent. Here in Texas, we call that a no brainer! Do you wonder just how much a solar system usually costs? Find out here!

How Much Does a Solar System Usually Cost?

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Find out what your Federal Solar Tax Credit will be…

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