CPS Solar Rebate Program Has Arrived In Texas Just in Time For The Spring Of 2017!

The Revolutionary CPS Solar Rebate Program Has Arrived In Texas Just in Time For The Spring Of 2017!

2017 is already here but there is no need to worry! Just in time for the heat this Spring and Summer, CPS has initiated a new CPS Solar rebate program. It is eligible to all current CPS customers, both residential and commercial. According to Energy.gov, San Antonio’s Municipal Utility CPS, is offering rebates to customers who install solar photovoltaic (PV) renewable energy systems on their homes, schools, or businesses under the Texas Solar Rebate Program. With the price of Silicon PV cells consistently on the decline for the past decade, now is the time to act!

Solar Installers Must be Registered Contractors Through the CPS Solar Rebate Program to Allow You the Rebates

New rules and regulations require that your solar installers be registered contractors through the CPS solar rebate program. You’re in luck because Solar Alliance is an registered contractor! Contact Solar Alliance today, for a CPS registered solar installer. Find out how to take advantage of the amazing deals offered to renewable energy consumers in Texas.

The CPS solar rebate Program and other Incentives for San Antonio Solar Consumers

With the environment heating up and the cost of living increasing, people are looking for savings wherever they can find them! The CPS Solar rebate program will allow you to put money back in your wallet every year. CPS can allow for well over 700,000 customers in San Antonio’s main utility to qualify for a MAJOR rebate when they purchase solar through an registered contractor.
This rebate pays $0.60/watt of solar installed, which means that a 5,000 watt (5 kW) system gets an additional $3,000 removed from their gross cost.
The maximum allowable rebate for residential and commercial accounts is $25,000 residential to $80,000 commercial, respectively per year. It will pay no more than 50 % gross cost on the installed price. Again, this rebate applies only to installers that are registered/registered by CPS Energy. That sounds great, doesn’t it?! If you think that is a good deal, wait until you estimate the other incentives for San Antonio residents. In 2017, the Federal government issues this extra help for consumers of solar in our area: A 30 % post rebate cost deduction! The federal tax credit takes almost a third off of your solar panel system costs!

Estimating Your CPS Solar Rebate and Other Incentives

To estimate your final cost to go solar, you can deduct 30 % from the post-rebate cost due to this federal Solar Tax Credit available across the United States.
Additionally, if you choose to buy locally produced solar energy equipment, you’ll save even more. When the utility announced the extension of their solar rebate program, CPS Energy also noted that any participant who chooses solar panels manufactured by Mission Solar, a San Antonio company, will receive an additional $0.08/watt on their rebate. Just as a side note…Mission Solar is also product proudly used for installation by Solar Alliance Texas. CPS also said that if they choose local inverter manufacturer KACO New Energy, they get an additional $0.02/watt. In total, shoppers who source their solar equipment from local providers get another $0.10/watt taken off their price. This could take anywhere from $400-$1,000 off the price of their solar installation. With this in mind, you could think of the overall CPS incentive as a $0.70/watt incentive.

Use Solar Alliance Texas for Your CPS Solar Installer

Overall, San Antonio has some of the lowest prices and best incentives for solar in the country. It’s no wonder San Antonio has become the 7th best city in the U.S for solar energy. At Solar Alliance Texas, a San Antonio local solar installer, we design your system from head to toe. This gives you peace of mind ensuring you 100% customer satisfaction in addition to receiving the maximum rebate opportunity allowed. Don’t wait! Call us to schedule your free estimate and find out what rebates and incentives your home qualifies for today!
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