Austin Energy Solar Rebate

Austin Energy Solar Rebate Program Provides Reduced Cost Solar Energy Systems with Solar Alliance TX Installers

Austin Energy Solar Rebate Program provides incentives to help reduce the cost of solar energy system installations, when installing with a preffered installer, such as Solar Alliance TX. Your solar energy system may also qualify for a 30% federal investment tax credit and a property tax exemption.

Capacity-based Incentive

For residential home owners, Austin Energy gives you a capacity-based incentive for residential installations of up to 10 kW of solar PV per home! However, incentive levels are set to decrease over time as the market grows and with reduced cost of solar panels and supporting equipment. Additionally, leased systems will not qualify for Austin Energy residential solar incentives, and third-party solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are not allowed in Austin Energy’s service territory.
Austin Energy offers residential customers a rebate to help with the initial investment of purchasing a solar PV system. The amount of the rebate is based on the capacity, in watts, (size) of the proposed solar PV system, and is calculated by multiplying the capacity by the current incentive level which is currently $0.60. Incentives are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are only a few spots left under the current incentive level. Additionally, once the capacity allotment for an incentive level has been achieved, the incentive will be reduced to the next level in the program ramp-down schedule(set to drop to $0.50).
You must use a participating contractor, such as Solar Alliance TX, to qualify for this offering. Contact Solar Alliance TX, your local solar installers, to schedule your installation. We will maximize the amount of allowed rebates for your home. Visit our Contact Us page to schedule your free solar installation estimate.

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