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The CPS Rebate Program is Great News for Bexar County Residents!

CPS—our local utility provider—has rolled out and reinvested in another phenomenal Rooftop-Solar Program for 2017! According to The San Antonio Business Journal, reporter Sergio Chapa stated that “CPS Chief Operating Officer Cris Eugster delivered the great news that the Rooftop Solar CPS Rebate Program will be generously reinvesting fifteen million dollars back into this program”. Chapa also reported that $9 million will be allocated to the Residential rebate program and an additional $6 million will be set aside for Bexar Counties Commercial Buildings.

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Eugster, COO of CPS, announced that the San Antonio Utility Company will compensate local homeowners 60 cents per watt for their rooftop solar projects, and an unprecedented 8 cents, on top of the 60 cents, when installing solar modules that are made by Mission Solar Energy. Mission Solar Energy is locally operating in San Antonio on Brooks Air Base. The renewed rebate program is said to have gone into effect Feb. 3rd and will include stricter guidelines and admissions for PV Installers.

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  • 60 cents a watt

  • additional 8 cents when using Mission Solar Modules

  • additional 2 cents when using locally manufactured Kaco Inverters

  • $15 million Re-invested in the Rooftop Solar Rebate Program for Bexar County property owners

  • Visit DSIREUSA.ORG (Database of State Incentives Renewable Energy) for additional information on this program.

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