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Cleaning Solar Panels

Typically, solar panels are a self-cleaning product, but in particularly dry areas or areas where panel tilt is minimal, dust and other substances such as bird droppings or bugs can build up over time and impact the amount of electricity generated by a module. Grime and bird poop doesn’t need to cover an entire panel to have a negative effect either, so it’s best to keep an eye on what’s going down up there.

That’s why Solar Alliance offers Cleaning Solar Panels.

There are already plenty of other never-ending tasks our clients have to attend to and Cleaning Solar Panels, is something we want to make sure, isn’t one of them.

If you request this service we provide, you will receive a thorough cleaning of your panels which includes debris removal, power wash and mop-down to ensure you get the toughest clean. We offer a yearly clean as well as scheduled cleanings for your convenience. Call us for more information on this service and get your system taken care of now. Whether we installed your panels or not, Solar Alliance is dedicated to providing green energy to everyone, so let us clean your panels and keep your product running as efficiently as possible. Thank you and we look forward to receiving your call.

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