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Erica Price is an autodidact artist and designer born in Pyeongtaek Korea, and raised in various states across America. While Erica has lived in numerous locations, she considers San Antonio, where she has lived for 14 years, to be her home. After being homeschooled from Kindergarten through high school, teaching herself graphic design and sign language, Erica began classes at Alamo Colleges.

She then took a break from school to pursue a career in art. Her art paid off for a while, but proved to be a shaky source of income. After selling a few more original pieces and teaching herself to sew, Erica began to work. First she worked as a nanny, then as an assistant to the vice presidents of Hunt Construction Group. During her journey in the working field, Erica decided—at the wisdom of her parents—to also enroll into school again. She is now closer to earning her degree in Communication. Her contract with Hunt ended after a year. Always driven, she began to work part- time for various companies before finding Solar Alliance through a happy-accidental internet search.

Now, Erica continues to service the numerous clients of Solar Alliance. From answering questions, organizing proposals and attending business functions, to designing new things for the company every day. She plans to learn the ins and outs of Solar Proposal design so that she can be hands on in creating an aesthetic and functional system for Solar Alliance clients in the future. Erica is expecting her first child in July of 2017. She currently resides in Texas with her Army-retired parents, two young siblings, and miniature Chorkie, Sophie.

María Kacin

I was born in Venezuela and spent my formative years in Houston. I graduated from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College with a degree in Global Studies/Political Science and a Spanish minor. Prior to joining Solar Alliance, I worked for nonprofit organizations in the Austin area, holding roles such as bilingual crisis advocate and afterschool program coordinator. I currently live in North San Antonio with my husband and son. I love this city and its cultural heritage and friendly atmosphere paired its unique natural wonders.

I joined Solar Alliance after searching for a workplace that will fulfill my need to help our community as well as work to better our environment. I feel strongly that renewable energy, especially Solar Energy can greatly impact Texan’s quality of life. This company aligns itself with my experience with technology and how it can impact our globalized economy and be an equalizing playing field for developing nations in our geopolitical sphere. My personal motto is “Act locally, think globally” which is what Solar Alliance strives to achieve every day.

meet the team
Crystal Kapici

Crystal Kapici

Born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley, I’ve called San Antonio my home for the past 8 years. I was drawn to the bountiful outdoor beauty, history, and culture the city and surrounding areas have to offer. My husband and I decided San Antonio was the perfect place to call home and raise our two small children.

Prior to joining the Solar Alliance team, my eco-friendly impact consisted of reusable grocery bags and recycling household plastics once a week.

After learning about the company, I now understand and believe that renewable sustainable energy is crucial to thepreservation of our planet for generations to come. I chose to #jointhealliance because I want to be part of this movement to make an impact not only on our city, but our entire planet. I joined to do my part to help conserve our resources, our environment, and our future.


Born in Nicaragua, I came to San Antonio at the age of six and I’ve been here ever since. In my younger years, I traveled to various third world countries and learned a lot. I would see the struggle in these countries that went without electricity for days. My dream became to one day provide everyone with free energy. So, I sought out this path to learn about the sun’s energy. I attended St. Phillip’s College to get my degree in Power Generation & Alternative Energy. I worked as a Lead Electrician & Installer for Texas Solar.

I decided to join Solar Alliance because of the founders’ vision supported by the staff members. We want to better our environment with solar energy and battle our carbon footprint. I decided to #jointhealliance because of my ethics and work experience.

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