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George Gutierrez II

Founder & President

After a stint in the oil and gas industry, George Gutierrez had an epiphany about the madness of fossil fuels. George realized that the cycle of this madness would never break. Not unless more people jumped on the nearest soap box—or rooftop—and shouted solar really can pay for itself! But, as time passed George saw that people weren’t listening. Some felt like the technology was far too complicated to grasp. Some believed it was too expensive, and some felt it to be too unattractive to go on their rooftop. However, George knew there was a way to do Solar right.

George understood that solar could be beautiful if installed properly and, of course, if the products weren’t ancient. He knew that he could create a simple business model that would guide the customer every step of the way. It would show them how easy and quick a solar installation could be. Maybe then, more Americans would invest in residential solar and he would finally be able to help the world. Additionally, he could help the people in it—become cleaner and more efficient.

After years of working in the industry, George began to realize the approach of these company’s presentation was all wrong. He saw that with these company’s current methods, people continued to be confused about the true benefits of Solar. Immediately George began to create a much simpler system. This is the system that could demonstrate how viable solar is to just about every American household.

Using determination, patience and an eagerness to benefit the greater good, George slowly but constantly began to grow his own clientele within the confines of the company he worked for. Despite his supervisor’s demands to “stick to the pitches” George began presenting the bottom line; laying out what it would take to drastically offset these customer’s utility bills and most importantly explaining how long it would take for them to receive a return on their investment. Instantly, George’s approach began to prove itself worthy by not only growing his customer base but also by bringing in profit.

George realized after watching his current employer’s mistakes that he could fix the bugs. He could tweak the outline, and make a Solar company that would benefit his clients, himself and this world. With nothing but pure gut and a modest following, George ventured out into his own creation of solar Installation which he named Solar Alliance. He pressed on, fighting the feelings of worry that came when he left his job and decided he could do this and he would.

Now, 3 years later, he has. George has partnered with Cory Garza and together the two have turned the small yet blossoming root of Solar Alliance into a full-fledged power-plant—no pun intended. With an amiable office and a staff of over 20 dedicated employees, Solar Alliance is becoming a leading Solar Installer in San Antonio TX. Solar Alliance has dedicated itself to top tier customer service, an installation that is guaranteed to be fast and easy, and the decision to put quality products at a reasonable price above cheap products that will make a quick sale.

Nowadays George, who resides in Texas with his wife and their two cat-children, oversees SolarAlliance with structure, all while maintaining a friendly vibe with his staff. He hopes to grow the business with Cory until it is deemed the #1 installer in Texas. When it all began, George was a bright-eyed, fresh-out-of-college kid ready to help the human race and the world inhabited by them. These days not much has changed….

meet the founders, George Gutierrez II
meet the founders, Cory Garza

Cory Garza

Owner & C.E.O.

Cory Garza was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. He is a third-generation general contractor with experience in nearly all facets of the industry. After serving in our US military Cory began his endeavors as a businessman. Additionally, Cory is heavily involved in the US Small Business Administration (SBA) 8A Business Development Program.

He has more than 20 years of experience in  GC and facilitates 20-30 million dollars in managing construction revenue annually. He is a father and husband who successfully manages to have a positive relationship, at home, in the office, and with his family.

Cory Garza has also been a licensed Texas Public Adjuster since 2012. With his extensive experience, Solar Alliance’s scope has been broadened by introducing owners of large commercial property insurance settlements. Adding yet another, of the many options of Solar Energy Installation to their various properties.

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