Earth Day SA 2018 Fiesta Verde

//Earth Day SA 2018 Fiesta Verde

Hosted by Build San Antonio Green, the Solar Alliance team was honored to participate & power the Earth Day event on April, 21st 2018 at Woodlawn Lake Park. Our team set up a booth handing out wildflower seeds, educating the crowd on renewable energy, and of course enjoying the food & festivities!

West Side Development Corporation

Building a Strong Economy & Community

May 8, 2018

Dear Mr. Gutierrez II,

The City of San Antonio Westside Development Corporation would like to send a sincere thank you for your participation in Earth Day 2018 at Woodlawn Lake Park. There were many hours of hard work that made the event possible, but without your presence it could not have been the successful celebration that we all enjoyed. Though it is hard to capture exact metrics of event success it is clear that the day was one to celebrate: there was a bustling crowd from start to finish, a diversity of stage performances, wide participation in the raffle, lines for demonstrations, food vendors sold out, and many exhibitors confirmed their desire to participate in 2019. We had visitors come from all over San Antonio and beyond, many had been attending the event for years, but there was an impressive number of visitors from other areas – some had never been to Woodlawn Lake Park, some had only recently moved to the city, and some came from as far as San Marcos and Houston. Remarks of praise were heard from all those involved, some going so far to say that this was the best Earth Day event they had experienced.

In summary, the growth and reach of the event was both evident and inspiring. Earth Day 2018 was a success in all respects and it will only serve as a springboard for the planning of future Earth Day events.

Thank you for dedicating time and work to help plan the Earth Day event. You bring energy and innovative ideas to the committee; your collaboration has been invaluable. Thank you for all the work you did to coordinate with Craig and his team at St. Phillip’s College.

We really value all your support and commitment and look forward to working with you on planning Earth Day 2019.

Leonard B. Rodriguez
President and CEO


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